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What are the types of security services?

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving world, security is of paramount importance. Understanding the various types of security services available is crucial to ensure that you, your loved ones, and your assets remain protected. Whether you’re a high-profile individual seeking specialized personal protection, a business owner looking to safeguard your premises, or an event planner in need of crowd control expertise, we’re here to guide you through the diverse spectrum of security services. This page will delve into the different types of security services, helping you make informed decisions to address your specific security needs effectively. At VIP Security Services, your safety is our mission, and we’re committed to providing you with the knowledge and expertise to achieve it.

– Security Guards for Office reception and Night watchman duties, Construction sites, Warden controlled residential blocks, care homes, hostels, Sports centers and ASB patrols. (More information can be taken from the Manned Guarding section of the website)

– Door supervisors for All licensed Night clubs, Casinos, Bars, function venues, Private parties (birthdays, Hen & Stag parties, weddings & Funerals), any licensed area. To meet & greet, vet people coming in, carry out searches for Alcohol, illegal substances, or weapons. Uphold licensing laws, and remove violent or difficult customers, prevent theft or damage to the venue, assist with first Aid and emergency situations.

– Mobile Security Patrols, a fast response service at a fraction of the cost of general manned Guarding services. For physical patrols of industrial estates, parks and leisure centers, and Private residential buildings. A security marked vehicle with a licensed Uniform Security Guard to check, report and deter crime. Move on rough sleepers and groups of Anti-social people. Lock up & Unlock offices, schools, and construction sites at set times, offering fully accountable reports (more detail on website).

– Key Holding & Alarm Response, a safe & secure method of a fully licensed and insured company to hold spare keys, codes, and access details to your commercial or private premises. This is a 24/7 service to give you complete peace of mind that your building will be attended come rain or shine by a fully trained Security Guard to attend to your alarm activation, CCTV notification, or to simply accompany a member of your staff to maintain their safety during out of usual business hours. (More detail on website).

– Event Stewarding & Security, for any size event from 50 to 30,000 VIP can cater for everything from assistance with Event management plans, traffic management plans to full implementation of traffic control & marshaling of car parks, and highly congested areas, road closures and crowd management. Safety & Security stewards to vet and manage ticketed events, provide correct and legally compliant search methods. Safety stewards for walkways and no-go zones, manning entrances & exits, ensuring safe access & egress, dealing with all matters relating to safety and security of the event. (More information on website).

– Close protection Services (Bodyguard’s & Asset Protection) for all VIPs, Dignitaries, Celebrities and High Net worth Individuals. Protect is given to individuals, Company CEOS, and complete families, including their associated properties and assets, offering complete personal security for when at work, holiday, in transit or at home in your private residence.

– Close Protection is provided on an individual basis. After completing in depth risk analysis and client profiling, we will establish the level of threat and security counter to measure to those risks; considering everyday activities such as shopping, traveling to places of work and leisure activities. It is the role of a Close Protection Officer (Bodyguard) to anticipate and be aware of specific threats, as well as everyday hazards and risks. This service may require a single driver or CPO, or a full team to protect all the above mentioned areas of a VIPs life. Our job is to allow you live a near normal life as possible, considering the need for a safe private life.