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Intruder Alarms & Systems

At VIP Security, we excel in being specialists in every aspect of intruder alarm systems – from supply and installation to diligent monitoring and proactive maintenance, catering to both the private and public sectors. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your security needs are not just met but exceeded.

One of the key features of our intruder alarm systems is the capability to link them, providing an additional layer of security with the option for a police or security response. This linkage amplifies the protection of your premises, ensuring swift action in the event of any security breach.

Easy to use. Ultimate Security for you.

In this digital age, accessibility and ease of use are vital. That’s why we offer integration with modern technology, allowing you to monitor your security system effortlessly.

Through a user-friendly app on your tablet, PC, or mobile phone, you can conveniently view the status of your security system in real-time, providing you with a sense of control and peace of mind, no matter where you are.

Understanding that every client has unique requirements, we prioritize accurate identification of your specific needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your concerns and assessing the vulnerabilities of your property.

Based on this thorough assessment, we provide tailored advice to guide you in selecting the best intruder alarm system that aligns perfectly with your security requirements.