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Insurance Inspections

Your building is indeed a significant asset, and its security, especially when unoccupied, is paramount.

At VIP Security, we recognise that vacant premises and private homes present a unique set of challenges and vulnerabilities.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive security solutions that keep your property safe and secure, even during periods of vacancy.

Regular Inspections for Peace of Mind

During times of vacancy, your property is at heightened risk. We address this vulnerability by conducting regular property inspections and checks.

Our skilled and experienced team meticulously examines the premises, ensuring that every aspect of security is attended to, from monitoring access points to checking for signs of trespassing or damage.

In collaboration with major insurance companies and estate agents, we tailor our security services to precisely meet your needs.

Understanding the specific concerns of insurance companies and the requirements of estate agents, we create a security plan that not only safeguards your property but also aligns seamlessly with their guidelines and expectations.