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Licensed Bar Security

Our seasoned team is dedicated to providing comprehensive security coverage for your event.

We meticulously cover entrances and exits, ensuring a controlled and secure environment.

Adhering to your specifications, we conduct thorough vetting processes, be it strict age checks, compliance with licensing laws, managing guest lists, or validating tickets.

Our priority is to maintain the integrity of your venue and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Relax and Enjoy the Party

Conflict resolution is an area where our experience truly shines. Our team is trained to handle any conflicts that may arise during the event, promoting a calm and collected approach to diffuse tensions and maintain a harmonious atmosphere.

In our commitment to ensuring a drug-free event, we offer a screening and search service for illegal substances on suspected individuals, collaborating closely with law enforcement agencies.

This proactive approach helps maintain a zero-tolerance policy toward illegal substances, fostering a safer event space.

We are committed to running and supporting a safe drug free venue, working in partnership with the licence holder, there staff, and local emergency services, to provide the best service across our licensed venue portfolio.