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Boarding Up Property Security Solutions

In the face of emergencies, damages, or vacancy, maintaining the security and integrity of your premises is crucial.

VIP Security excels in providing comprehensive solutions to secure both vacant and broken-into properties.

We understand that these situations demand swift and effective action to minimise further risk and potential damage.


The Ultimate Deterrent

Our expertise includes a range of boarding-up services that serve as a strong deterrent to trespassers and vandals. We offer various options, including wooden and metal grills for windows and doors, providing reinforced protection for vulnerable access points.

Additionally, we deploy hoardings and Heras fencing to secure entire sites and premises, serving as an effective measure to improve long-term security or respond to an emergency situation.

Whether it’s fortifying your property after a break-in or proactively enhancing security during vacancy, our skilled team is equipped to deliver prompt and precise solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We understand that every situation is unique, and we adapt our approach accordingly, ensuring that your property is fortified with the most appropriate and effective security measures.