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Drug Detection and Explosives Dogs (Passive Dogs)

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At VIP Security, our specialist passive dog security task force represents the pinnacle of security excellence.

These highly trained canines and their skilled handlers are equipped to tackle some of the most critical security challenges.

Whether you need to deter the importation of illegal substances at airports, railway stations, and docks, or you require expert explosives and firearms detection, our passive dog team delivers unmatched security results.

Our passive dog security team comprises experienced ex-military and ex-police personnel, individuals who have served at the forefront of national security.

Their extensive background in security and law enforcement equips them with the expertise and knowledge required for delicate and high-stakes deployments.


Airports, railway stations, and docks are potential hotspots for the importation or trafficking of illegal substances, as well as threats related to explosives and firearms.

Our passive dogs, paired with their seasoned handlers, provide a formidable security presence that deters criminal activities and detects concealed contraband with unparalleled precision. The mere presence of our canine team is often enough to discourage potential wrongdoers.