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Event Security

Keeping your venue, festival ground or marquee safe from intruders is paramount, especially when you have high valued equipment and supplies on site ready for the event.

Our team of site security guards can run regular patrols around the site 24-7. Here we’ll ensure your venue or structure is safe, secure and free from interruptions, due to theft of stock or equipment.

Guards are also able to film any incidents and tap into the latest technology to give you live reports on what area of your event area has been checked, and when.

A Reassuring Face and Able Assistant

Our site security guards conduct regular patrols around the premises 24/7, forming a protective shield over the area. Their continuous vigilance guarantees that your venue or structure remains secure, deterring any potential intruders and preventing theft of stock or equipment. By maintaining a strong and visible presence, they effectively mitigate any risk of unauthorised access and ensure the safety of your valuable assets.

Utilising the latest in technology, our guards are equipped to document any incidents through video recording, enhancing the security measures in place. Additionally, they have access to advanced reporting systems, enabling them to provide you with live updates on the areas of your event site that have been checked and when they were inspected. This real-time information empowers you with precise and up-to-date knowledge of the security status across the venue.