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Close Protection Services

Close personal protection is a vital part of most VIPs and celebrities lives. At VIP Security we offer a wide range of close protection services from one to one body guarding to complete security teams, offering residential protection or that of your business premise, to chauffeur and transportation services.

We’re adept at getting people from A to B in a safe and secure fashion. We can also provide specialist support for valuables via our highly trained asset protection team.

Our dedicated close protection team can also support and protect high net worth individuals/families or executives travelling into London or the rest of the UK from overseas. VIP has the solution to protect people and property that is of utmost importance to you, wherever, whenever. Each service is meticulously planned; risk and threat assessed throughout the assignment.

We offer covert counter surveillance to see who’s watching you, giving you the best all round protection, with the least intrusion – allowing you to get on with what’s important.

 Bodyguard Services

VIP Security is a specialist in this field and provides tailored bodyguard services to safeguard our clients. We can offer a team of experts for overt or covert all round protection. Our highly trained SIA licensed professionals will work with you to identify key threats, understand your itineraries, transport routes and places to stay. Together we’ll create a service that meets your needs, and most importantly, keeps you safe, with as little fuss or interference as possible.

Our highly experienced team of bodyguards will give a strong physical presence that will help to deter any potential threats, whilst having the capability to react when needed. We are there to protect you from harm and give you much-needed peace of mind.

Bodyguard services are ideal for celebrities and VIPs, anyone attending a high-profile court case or feeling vulnerable, or threatened by a certain group or individual. VIP is there to protect people, places, assets and personal information, mindful of keeping your private life private.

Chauffeur Services

Do you need security on the move? VIP Security provides a top of the range close protection chauffeur service that is tailored to your needs. A chauffeur is an integral part of close protection, making sure you get to the right place, at the right time, and get you away safely should an incident occur. Whether you are travelling to a meeting, event or airport, we will provide you with experienced, attentive and professional security trained chauffeurs who will be there when you need them.

Our team can also provide dynamic protection for individuals or parties who require security while travelling from A to B. Our expert team will work with you to plan and create an in-depth transport strategy to maximise your safety.

VIP chauffeurs can drive your vehicle for any occasion, business or pleasure. We have experienced drivers who can be hired for the evening or on a longer term basis. For corporate clients with hectic work schedules, our VIP chauffeurs will deliver you to your destination, refreshed and ready, and will be waiting for you for your onward journey.With VIP we’ll ensure you can travel with peace of mind.

Vehicle and Driver Hire

Our first class fleet of luxury high specification features S class, E class & Viano SUV Mercedes vehicles. If there is a particular vehicle you require, Bentley, Rolls Royce etc, please just ask.

We have a full range of saloons, limousines and SUVs available for all occasions. All vehicles are provided with a professional chauffeur, to cater for your needs so that you arrive in style feeling refreshed, taking the stress out of driving yourself or using public transport.

If you have your own vehicle, why not try our driver/Chauffeur hire service. To drive for you on that special occasion, business trip or the day to day family errands. VIP driver hire is available on a weekly, daily or hourly basis.

Security Escort Services

Our specialist team of security professionals can escort individuals from one location to another, whenever safety is a concern. Our experienced team has been trained to adapt and react quickly to the most dangerous of situations if required.

Personal safety is not something that should be ignored, and our commitment is shown by our team’s expertise and unrivalled commitment to keep you safe.

This service can be incorporated into an overall protection plan for larger groups or multiple clients who all require protection simultaneously. Our team can also provide dynamic protection for those who require security while travelling from A to B. Our expert team will work with you to plan and create an in-depth transport strategy to maximise your safety.

Asset Protection

VIP Security can help you secure your assets, whether that is valuable property, exhibit in an art gallery or the transportation of a high-value item. We work in partnership with our clients to identify all risks and create security solutions to meet their bespoke needs – ensuring the security of the asset in its entirety.

Our specialist team can provide maximum protection for static assets, by utilising CCTV and alarms, plus trained security guards. As you’ll be aware, assets in transit are always vulnerable, unless they are effectively protected. Our experts will minimise the risk of transporting your asset from A to B by providing a highly efficient protection plan.

Available 24/7 we can offer maximum protection to keep your property safe and give you peace of mind.

Residential Close Protection

VIP Security provides tailored protection services unique to your exacting requirements to safeguard our client’s home or hotel. We can implement a team of experienced specialists for overt or covert 24/7 protection to meet your needs.

VIP will monitor and control access, thoroughly vet persons attending your property, maintain total perimeter security, enabling you to enjoy your personal, business and private life.

International Clients

Our services are second to none, that’s why we’re the first choice for personal security services for the Ultra & High Net worth individuals. VIP Security provides a dynamic personal security protection service that will adapt to your changing needs. We offer a highly experienced team of licensed professionals to look after all of your overt and covert security needs.

Our commitment to keep you and what’s important safe is unrivalled, and we will work with you to gather vital data on your itinerary and places to stay. We’ll examine potential threats and ensure we’ve put the necessary measures in place to protect you when you’re vulnerable.

We are here to protect you and your family from any harmful or intrusive situations that may arise, giving you peace of mind. With VIP Security, you’re being looked after by the best and are in exceptionally safe hands around the clock. We’re here for all personal or business trips; absolute discretion and privacy is assured.

For more information about our close protection and chauffeur solutions, please call 01268 526212 or if you prefer, complete our contact forms.