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International Clients

At VIP Security, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled services, making us the premier choice for personal security services for the Ultra & High Net worth individuals.

Our dynamic personal security protection service is designed to adapt to your evolving needs. We offer a highly skilled team of licensed professionals who specialise in both overt and covert security operations.

Our dedication to ensuring your safety and protecting what matters most is unmatched. We collaborate closely with you to gather essential information about your itinerary and accommodations, assess potential threats and implement necessary security measures to safeguard you during vulnerable moments.

VIP Security is dedicated to shielding you and your family from any potential harm or intrusion, granting you peace of mind. With VIP, you are under the care of the finest professionals and are in exceptionally secure hands at all times. Whether for personal or business trips, we assure absolute discretion and privacy.

For further details regarding our close protection and chauffeur services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 01268 526212 or complete our contact forms for prompt assistance.

A Reliable, Discreet, Personal Service

Our commitment to keep you and what’s important safe is unrivalled, and we will work with you to gather vital data on your itinerary and places to stay. We’ll examine potential threats and ensure we’ve put the necessary measures in place to protect you when you’re vulnerable.

VIP Security Services is here to protect you and your family from any harmful or intrusive situations that may arise, giving you peace of mind. With VIP you’re being looked after by the best and are in exceptionally safe hands around the clock. We’re a reliable, discreet yet personal service.