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Property Services & Systems 

From property patrols and boarding up, to securing a vacant or occupied property, VIP Security Property services and systems have the solution.

We’ll ensure your property is free from theft, vandalism and unwanted trespassers, squatters or illegal occupations of buildings or land.

Removal of undesirables is an expensive and lengthy procedure; VIP can offer the best preventative short and long term solution.


Our 24/7 team of SIA licensed Security Guards can be deployed to cover residential or commercial property, construction, Fire Sites, and industrial estates, anywhere for any type of asset that needs protecting from theft, damage, or illegal occupation. VIP offer a fully monitored and patrol service for occupied or vacant premises.

We’ll protect your perimeters, buildings, and your people with various security solutions, gathering evidence, preventing crime, protecting what’s important.

VIP also offers building owners and tenant’s weekly, monthly, or annual professional insurance checks and inspections. Our mobile Security patrols officers are fully accountable and can patrol, secure or lock and unlock the most complex industrial estate, office or school premises.

All patrols are carried out by trained uniformed security guards that are tracked and monitored, giving you complete accountability and transparency.

Insurance Inspections

Our dedicated team of site security guards takes the responsibility of securing your site or structure to heart. They conduct regular, round-the-clock patrols, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that your premises are safe, secure, and uninterrupted.
At VIP Security, we understand the critical role that comprehensive security measures play in protecting your investments and ensuring value for money.

Boarding Up & Property Security Solutions

The presence of our vigilant guards significantly deters any attempts of theft or unauthorised access to your valuable stock, equipment, and building, preventing loss and any loss in productivity.
In addition to their presence, our guards are equipped with cutting-edge technology. This enables them to film any incidents and provides you with tracking reports on all areas of your site or building, to ensure that they have been checked, when and who by.
This real-time information empowers you with precise knowledge of the security status across the asset we are protecting, giving you total peace of mind.

Waste Removal and Home Clearance

Our team is highly experienced and are ideal for house clearances (planned and emergency clearances), plus the removal of waste from public, private or commercial premises or land.  

This can be for health and safety reasons or as a result of fly tipping. Whatever your private or commercial waste or rubbish clearance need, we’re here to help.

Boarding-up Property Security Solutions

We’re adept at securing vacant or broken into premises with a range of boarding-up services.

Here we can offer wooden and metal grills for windows and doors plus hoardings and Heras fencing to secure sites and premises, whether it’s to improve long term security or as a result of damage in an emergency, VIP is on hand to assist.

Intruder Alarms & Systems

VIP Security are specialists in supplying, installing, monitoring and of course maintaining intruder alarm systems to the private and public sector.

By linking systems for the added protection of a police or security response, we can also include the ability to simply view your security system via an app on your tablet, PC or mobile phone. We are able to accurately identify your unique requirements and advise you on the best solution for your needs.

Commercial Security Gates

VIP Security provides state of the art physical boundaries and perimeters to your property with our sophisticated automatic and manually operated security gates and fencing, which act as a strong preventative measure from intruders.

We also offer full maintenance packages with full health and safety checks and risk assessments.

Commercial Fire Alarm and Exstinguishers

VIP Security offers a full range of smoke, heat and CO2 detectors. The fire alarms can be networked throughout a building/car park and linked to sprinkler systems.

Commercial CCTV Systems

CCTV is a strong ally in the fight against crime. It’s a physical deterrent which also captures much-needed evidence of security breaches. The installation of CCTV is essential where physical boundaries are weak, or no personnel are present.

At VIP Security we can supply, install and maintain a wide range of sophisticated overt and covert CCTV surveillance systems, for both internal and external use. In addition to this VIP can provide licensed CCTV operators who are trained in its operation and the legalities of public surveillance.

Padlocks, Chains and Security Devices

We can supply a wide range of replacement locks, chains and padlocks from British Standard approved to high security devices, to meet your needs.

Commercial Access Control

We can provide you with the ability to control who accesses your property and track their movement through your premises. Access control prevents unauthorised persons from gaining access to your building. The system can be set-up as a standalone, providing entry through one access point with a simple audio, video, key code entry, or T card system. Further measures can be set-up for numerous access points and for multiple sites.