Event CCTV

VIP Security can help you choose the best event CCTV security system to fit your security needs.

CCTV Benefits:

  • Crime Detection
  • Staff and Public Safety
  • Crime Reduction

Types of CCTV Equipment:

Outdoor CCTV Cameras
We supply a range of wireless and standard wired CCTV cameras.  All of our equipment is IP66 rated (waterproof).

Indoor CCTV Cameras
We supply both standard wired and wireless indoor CCTV cameras.  Please be aware wireless cameras are not recommended for indoor use unless the signal is encrypted.  Encrypting the signal will stop anyone within a certain range intercepting your images.

Benefits of Wireless CCTV
When running cables is no longer an option, because of a sophisticated existing infrastructure, wireless CCTV maybe best.

Storage of CCTV Images
Audio and video images can be stored on any digital video recorder (DVR).  Your recorders can then be replayed through any monitor or TV.  You are also able to transfer complete videos to DVD or USB depending on your choice or needs.

Remote Access
You can remote access your event cctv cameras from anywhere that has internet access.  If you wish you can receive a text or email notifying you when cameras are activated.

Night Vision
Monochrome cameras are most effective when used in low light.

We are an accredited ISO 9001:2008 Quality management company.

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