Manned Guarding Services Surrey

Are you searching for Manned Guarding Services Surrey? Well you are in luck! VIP Security are experts in this security services!

Whether you are running an event, a building site that people tend to want to break into, or somewhere that you simply don’t want people to be, it sounds like you need some manned guarding services! And don’t bother hiring the nobodys for guarding services or even think about doing it yourself, you need an authority figure to stand in between you and the unwanted guests at your premises.

We provide many different options for our manned guarding services, whether it be private or commercial guarding, or something a bit more tame such as retail or loss prevention. We can do it all! We even bring in specialists dogs for things such as drug detection dogs, explosive detection dogs and dogs that can simply cover a large amount of area very quickly

If manned guarding sounds like something that will greatly benefit your event or premises, then we highly recommend that you get in contact with us!

Why Choose VIP Security Services

Close Protection

VIP Security Services don’t just provide manned guarding services, we do plenty more! One of our biggest services is keyholding, we do this commercial or private. We also do unlocking as well as locking services! Not to mention the fact we do personal body guarding services, whether it be escort or chauffeur we can do it all! Just give us a call and we can deliver on anything you desire!

Contact Us – Manned Guarding Services Surrey

If you are interested in the services that VIP Security Services can provide you, then we highly recommend getting in contact with us by filling out an enquiry form on our website! But if you would prefer to get in contact with us by phone or email, the information you need is below:
Phone: 01268 526212