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Manned Guarding Services Kent

Are you searching for manned guarding services Kent? Well look no further than VIP Security! The best security services you can find!

The need for guarding services has increased over the years mainly because people want to keep their locations private and let in who they want and when they want, and you want no one but the professionals to help you keep your places secure! And VIP Security Services has many different tricks and equipment to make sure that the job is done to the maximum capacity possible!

Wherever the location may be, we have it covered! Typically we have done event security, but we also do construction sites and malls/shops and plenty of other places too! But if you need the uniform to look a certain way we can alter whatever you need to fit the theme you so desire! We are completely at your service here at VIP Security Services, at your complete disposal!

If you are interested in having a property of yours guarded, then we highly recommend getting in contact with us!

Why Choose VIP Security Services

Manned Guarding

Lets say you need a large amount of area to be guarded very tightly, as amazing as we are humans can only cover so much, that is why we have a special K9 unit available for many different services, such as detection dogs, explosive detective dogs, drug detection dogs and more! Because a dog’s senses are much more refined than ours, they can take on tasks humans simply cannot!

Contact Us – Manned Guarding Services Kent

If you are interested in any of the services that VIP Security Services can provide you, then we highly recommend getting in contact with us by filling out an enquiry form on our website, or if you prefer, you can also contact us by email: info@vipsec.at or phone us on this number: 01268 526212

We look forward to working with you!