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London Security Services

As security experts, VIP understand the many security challenges that present themselves throughout London.

Depending on where you are in the capital, local crime affects the safety and security of individuals and organisations in a variety of ways. Understanding the unique needs of each client enables us to focus on solutions that will really work.

High population areas of London for example are synonymous with street robbery of personal items and high value vehicles, as well as burglary of commercial and residential properties. Security issues for quieter areas of London include theft of high value vehicles from driveways alongside intruders breaking into properties.

Whether you are an organisation or an individual, our team work with you to protect you, and your property.

Business & Corporate: Industrial Park East London was suffering a spate of commercial burglaries. After an initial survey, VIP set up an alarm response & key holding service so that the business owners would not have to put themselves at risk. Several Security Patrols were also implemented to physically check the premises at night, which also acted as a deterrent.

Government & Educational: A local authority was having severe anti-social behaviour issues in one of its tower blocks. Problems included damage, theft, and drug use. VIP reacted with a security response team to physically monitor the block with floor patrols, interacting with residents, and building a rapport. The result was a huge reduction in reported crime, and more importantly the fear of crime.

Home Security: VIP was approached by a successful business owner who had recently moved to the area. After a detailed survey it was suggested he improved his perimeter fencing and security lighting. VIP then recommended a good alarm system, and movement activated CCTV system. These measures not only gave him tremendous peace of mind but also caught a neighbour stealing his parcels!

Event Security: VIP, through its sponsorship packages, was contacted by a well-known carnival association to make for a safer, professionally managed event. VIP now has event safety packages suitable for event organisers across London, working in partnership with local authorities and emergency services to manage the safety & security of any size event throughout the south east.

Close protection: A local businessman, who was receiving serious threats to his and his family’s life, approached VIP who carried out a detailed one to one security survey. A risk & threat assessment was completed, detailing potential weaknesses, offering electronic and physical measures to improve the safety of his family. This included dispatching a discreet close protective operative to his business premises, to covertly monitor the situation, improving perimeters, installing a quality CCTV & alarm system, with a Police & Security Response. It was was also decided that a security chauffeur would accompany his wife and children on general trips and excursions. The result was that the risk and fear of any attack was reduced and the threat was not allowed to fully manifest itself.

To discuss specialised London security services, give our team a call on 01268 526212 or complete our contact form.