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Close Protection Services Surrey

Feeling secure and protected is essential, especially in a dynamic county like Surrey. VIP Security Services understands this need and offers bespoke close protection services tailored to your specific requirements. 


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Our diligently trained and experienced close protection officers (CPOs) can provide you with discreet yet comprehensive security solutions, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.


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Why select VIP Security Services


Our CPOs prioritise discretion, maintaining  a professional demeanour while ensuring your privacy. You can traverse Surrey with full confidence knowing that your security is handled efficiently and without compromising anonymity.


Our bodyguards possess extensive experience and undergo rigorous training in close protection techniques, risk assessment, emergency response procedures, and threat detection. This ensures they can effectively mitigate potential threats.


We understand that security needs vary. Our team will work closely alongside you to supply you with a personalised Close Protection Service plan for Surrey. This plan considers your specific threats, routine activities, desired level of protection, and preferred level of visibility.

Close Protection Services Surrey

Whether you require close protection services throughout Surrey or travel beyond the county lines, VIP Security Services can provide seamless security coverage. Our network of highly trained CPOs ensures your safety remains constant, regardless of location.


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At VIP Security Services, we are committed to providing exceptional close prote

ction services in Hertfordshire. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your specific security needs and how our bespoke bodyguard services can ensure your safety and well-being.


If needed you can directly communicate with our team through email, at: info@vipsec.at. Or call us on: 01268 526 212.


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