Commercial Intruder Alarms

VIP Security can supply a range of commercial intruder alarms for small to large businesses. You can have a simple system installed for a one off fee which sounds an alarm if there is a break in.

A slightly better option would be to have a system installed where up to 4 telephone numbers of your choice will be sent a recorded alert about the activation of your alarms.

The best option which gives you complete piece of mind is to have a monitored intruder alarm installed.  This type of system gives you around the clock alarm monitoring.  When the alarm is set off, a pre-agreed plan of action is set in motion, from calling the key holder and/or the Police.  The monitoring station is also able to notify the contact which zone has been activated within your premises.

If you also undertake our key holding service we will check your premises are secure before resetting the alarms.  If we should find a problem we will sort this out for you.

How it works
Sensors are placed on windows, doors and gates.  These are monitored by our remote monitoring station.  When a sensor is activated our monitoring station is alerted, and appropriate action is taken.  We also use beam technology.  When an intruder crosses the path of a beam an alert is raised so the appropriate action can be taken.

We are an accredited ISO 9001:2008 Quality management company.

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