Basildon Pride

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A ‘mini Pride’ was started in 2018 in response to several hate crimes in the borough. To ensure love conquers hate a small parade and after show party was arranged. Thanks to the success of this event a much bigger ‘Basildon Pride’ was organised for 2019. This time the event included a 1500-strong parade, festival in the park and after show party. 4500 people took part in Basildon Pride placing it firmly on the town’s map.


In 2018 the brief was all about delivering a security presence and supporting the event with a very quick turnaround. For Basildon Pride 2019 a much-stronger support was required, including:

  • Support with risk assessments for Basildon Council
  • Delivering and erection of security fencing
  • CCTV coverage for an amenity
  • Enforcing road closures for parade
  • Security personnel to ensure all festival-goers safety


VIP was involved in the event planning and gave insightful advice to ensure the safety and wellbeing for all. The event had a large element of crown control, here safety measures were put in place, such as barrier fencing, CCTV monitoring and a high presence of security personnel. The parade required the shutdown of the main road within Basildon, which was undertaken swiftly and effectively with VIP Security vehicles.

An atmosphere of fun, yet calm was required. All security staff were briefed to welcome the carnival vibe whilst keeping a firm hand on proceedings.


“The VIP Security team don’t do security like anyone else. Their team do it all in such a nice way! They’re not heavy handed and keep everyone onside.

“VIP Security has a wealth of experience in securing major events and their competence is outstanding. They’re an absolute pleasure to work with!” David Burton-Sampson, Basildon Pride.

Basildon Pride