Approved Asbestos Awareness Training Course

It is very important that anyone who may come into contact with asbestos is adequately made aware of which materials may contain asbestos and then how to proceed appropriately. Our Certified training course will therefore thoroughly dive into all of the relevant information required so that everyone on the course is adequately informed and armed with the right tools and response should they be likely to disturb any asbestos so that they can best protect themselves and those around them.

Asbestos could be present in buildings built or refurbished before the year 2000, asbestos is dangerous because if disturbed, it will release fibres into the air which are very dangerous should they be inhaled because they can cause very serious diseases.

Any of our training courses can be one to one or as groups (numbers of students is limited) held either with us in Wickford or at your place of work/business.

Length of Course
This is a half day (4-5 hour) course.

Who should attend?
Available to ALL employers, employees, supervisors and managers.

Training Course Outcomes 
Delegates will:

What is provided?
Light refreshments are provided, additional lunch or snack can be pre ordered and delivered (extra cost to student)

Courses can be held at our Wickford Head office or delivered at your place of work (if suitable training area & facilities is available) to elevate staff having to travel or miss to much of the working day.

There is NO FREE PARKING on site but excellent public transport links as next to BR station, bus stop and Taxi rank

Asbestos Awareness Training Course Dates
Please call us or complete the form on the top right of this page to find out dates and times of courses.

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