Commercial Access Control Systems

Access Control gives you the ability to manage who enters your building as well as the areas within your building. This is done by implementing a security measurement that prevents unauthorised persons from gaining access due to not having the correct ‘access key’.

Access control is perfect for local authority buildings, schools and hospitals where tight controls are needed to protect your clients and their personal information.  VIP Security Services can assess your building and your requirements and give you advice about the best system to fit your needs.

Standalone Access Control
Provides control over who enters a single door or entry point.  This can be controlled with a simple audio, video, key code entry, or T card system.

Complex Access Control
Suitable for multiple access points such as doors and entry gates where staff access needs to be controlled on a daily basis.

Multiple Sites
When many locations need to be monitored, a multi-site system can be installed.  This enables different permissions to be given to different staff at different locations.  This system is sophisticated enough to know when the last person has left the building to know to set any alarms.  Importantly, this technology can all be managed from one location.

The access control system can be integrated into your intruder alarm system so that a monitoring station is alerted when unwelcome visitors intrude on your premises.

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