Covid Marshal Services

With the current state of the UK, safety is paramount and needs to be taken very seriously VIP’s trained security specialist will work with you and your company to help you carry on trading while not putting anyone at risk.

As many shops now have to have a limit on people in them there can be an issue with queues and we are able to coordinate this safely and keep your shop running smoothly.

We want to help people in every possible way if you are in need of security to make sure you are keeping to COVID regulations in any way or during any situation contact VIP.

VIP will be able to create a full plan and execute it within a given time to create the best possible situation for you to keep working.

When doing this we make sure safety is our number one priority we will always be sure to keep PPE on and keep to social distancing recommendations at all times.

Services we can offer:

  • COVID Security Marshalling
  • Town Centre Patrol
  • Temperature Checking Guard/Marshal
  • Fire Marshall For Premises During Lockdown
  • Waking Watch For Premises During  Lockdown
  • Test Centre Guard/Marshal
  • Vaccination Centre Guard/Marshal
  • Mask Enforcement Guard/Marshal
  • Compliance Guard
  • Healthcare Security Guard
  • Lockdown Guard
  • Pandemic Guard
  • Quarantine Patrol
  • Social Distancing Patrol

For more information on how our COVID security specialists can help you, call our team on

01268 526 212.

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