Guard Dog Security

The senses of dogs are much more refined than that of a human and our canine companions can often sense the presence of intruders long before a static guard or CCTV system.  VIP’s Guard Dog Security Services & Patrols send strong warning signals and offer greater protection, covering far greater areas than that of a lone security officer. To find out more about our guard dog security services, do no hesitate to call us today on 01268 526212.

Guard Dogs (General Purpose)
VIP Guard Dog security services cover the area of Basildon, Essex, London and the entire south east of England.  VIP can also offer our services nationwide, as our staff base covers the entire country.

The presence of a VIP Guard Dog provides a very physical deterrent.  After all, a dog doesn’t bluff, nor does it fail to deliver in a crisis situation! With the current economic state, thieves are taking many more risks to steal and damage property for their own personal gain.  VIP Dog Handlers are professionally trained and fully licensed to work as a team.  All VIP Dogs and Handlers are highly trained and continue to develop professionally by attending regular training sessions to keep up to date with legislation and security scenarios.

Drug Detection and Explosives Dogs, (Passive Dogs)
This specialist task can be employed at airports, railway stations and sea ports to deter the importation or trafficking of illegal substances or detect explosives and/or firearms.  VIP Security (Essex) Ltd employ ex-military and ex-police personnel, who have the experience and knowledge for such delicate deployments.

VIP can provide a “Drugs Dog Team” for licensed premises throughout the UK to detect and deter the use and sale of illegal substances on or around licensed premises.

Event and Crowd Control Dogs
When planning any indoor or outdoor event, the use of event guard dogs can be of great benefit in controlling and managing large groups of people.  VIP Security can provide fully trained and licensed uniformed handlers and dogs for this purpose.

VIP has a proven track record of securing high profile events in which “VIP Dog Teams” have been paramount to the success of the event.  We can deploy the right dog team to the right situation.  As with all of our services our personnel are highly trained and insured, with a full management team and 24 hour control centre in place, to offer a truly professional service, tailored to your needs.

We are an accredited ISO 9001:2008 Quality management company.

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