Commercial Fire Alarms

Manual systems comprise of a simple Break Glass Unit.

Complex systems can comprise of different types of smoke, heat and CO2 detectors or a combination of all three.  They can be networked throughout a building and car parks and linked with sprinkler systems.

VIP Security can also integrate fire detection and alarm systems to fire extinguishing systems.  Giving you the added benefit of smothering a fire before it can take hold.

Emergency Lighting:

When power fails your lighting system will go out making it hard for staff or customers to exit your buildings quickly.  Emergency lighting will be required in this instance to help locate fire fighting equipment and exit routes.

Why you need Fire Alarms:

According to home office statistics 500 people lose their lives a year because of fire and 100,000 buildings suffer from fire damage. Don’t become a statistic and install the right fire alarm system that matches your needs.

How to Contact:

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